Plats de primavera

Spring dishes


Broad beans catalan style ( 6 persons)


5 kg broad beans 1 cup dry anis
300 gr black catalan sausage thymian
1 piece bacon bay leaf
80 gr minced bacon rosemari
2 spoon of lard mint
1 minced big onion 1 spring onion
2 cloves of garlic 1/2 spoon of music
3 mashed medium tomatoes parslic
1 cup of wein salt and pepper


Put a deep pot on the fire, pour olive oil, fry pieces of bacon and sausage lightly, remove then and fry minced onion and tomato. Put in the broadbeans, salt, a bit of water, the bacon and sausage and add spring garlic, onion, mint, rosemari and thyme tight together and cover the pot with a plate full of water.

From time to time remove the plate and shake the pot so that the ingredients don't melt. If the broadbeans are tender and small they will be cooked in 1/2 hour.


Lamb stew with peas

Pieces of lamb peas
lard parslic
1 big onion salt
2 medium tomatoes "Picada":
1 bay leaf Crushed huzelnut and almonds
cinnanon pine kernels
1 clove 1 clove of garlic
water 1 bri de safrà


Put a casserole on the fire, add the lard, the minced onion and a bay leaf. Once the onion is brown add the chopped peeled tomatoe, cinnanon, salt, clove, springling flour and cooking it slowly. Add the lamb previously fried lightly, cover with water, let it cook. Add peas half way of completing the cooking. Separetely, prepare "picada" in the morter and add it to the stew 15 minutes before serving, adding salt and water if necessary. The meat and the sauce has to be soft and cooked.

Brunyols de l'Empordà (Doughnuts)

flour 30-40 gr anis
water 100 gr. fat
1/4 of fresh yeast 1 lemon
Salt 12 eggs for 1 kg flour
olive oil sugar


In a deep pot put flour, salt, sugar, fresh yeast dissolved in lukewarmwater, the grated lemon peel, lard, anis and mix them. Add the eggs and continue stirring with your hands until you get a thick smooth dough. Cover the dough with a towel and put it in a deep pot. Leave it in a warm place until the dough goes up.

Once ready, put oil in a deep frying pan. Take a portion of dough make small balls with a hole in the middle. Fry them. The "Brunyols" must be soft and brown. Them sprinkle with sugar.