La Gastronomia GASTRONOMY




Empordà comes from Emporion, the present Empúries and ancient commercial greek and roman place. The famous "mediterranean trilogy" is: maize, olive trees, and vineyards. The olive oil is excellent and is handmade, the bread of Alt Empordà was well known thanks to Dali. Moreover, the ancestors gave us the art of making anchovies which has guarantee of origin. The best known are the ones from l'Escala but Cadaqués and Roses anchovies are also delicious.

This region has a very amazing landscape due to the contrast of sea and mountain.

The cuisine of this region uses products from the mountain -lamb, big game, ducks and geese- and also sea food.

Consequently, the cuisine of the Alt Empordà with a combination called "Sea and Mountain", is the reference of the rest of Catalan gastronomy.