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Alt EmpordÓ is the way in from the rest of Europe. We can get here by air, sea, road and railway..

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The main way of communication is the road network. In the north we have the entry to the rest of Europe on the A-7 Motorway and the "National-II" Road through La Jonquera to France. Further to the North-East the National Road-260 which goes to LlanšÓ and Portbou is also important. Recently another road was built which goes through Mašanet de Cabrenys and Tapis and reaches France.

In the south through the Motorway called A-7, the "National-II" Road and the "N-260" Road, we get to "Baix EmpordÓ", the neighbouring region.

Moreover, there are a lot of different regional roads which allow you to get into a wide range of places of interest. These roads are: first the C-260 which has its origin in Figueres and leads to the coast, exactly to Castellˇ d'Emp˙ries-Emp˙riabrava and Roses. Secondly we have the C-252 that is in the opposite direction, but also goes towards the coast, through Sant Pere Pescador, the Marshes of l'EmpordÓ, the Emp˙ries Ruins and l'Escala.

On the other hand we oughtn't to forget the network communication of local roads either wich approach us to marvellous and wonderful places.

Mapa d'els pobles de l'Alt EmpordÓ

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The nearest airports from Alt EmpordÓ are: the ones from Girona, Perpignan and Barcelona.

The Girona-Costa Brava airport receives more and more international regular flights. They expect this flow to increase because the number of visitors who spent their holidays in the Costa Brava and who came through the Barcelona or Perpignan airport is going up. So, it is very important to take into consideration the Costa Brava airport because it is situated only 40 km away from the Costa Brava.

Nevertheless we must talk about Prat del Llobregat airport, in Barcelona, which is situated 166 kms away from Alt EmpordÓ and it is the second more important in Spain welcoming tourists.

Lastly we must speak that Perpignan airport which is very important thanks to its situation, only 90 km away from the Costa Brava.



Barcelona airport

AIR FRANCE (93) 379 74 63
ALITALIA (93) 370 69 53
AUSTRIAN AIRLINES (93) 487 21 73
AVIACO (93) 478 24 11
AVIANCA (93) 302 70 03
BRITISH AIRWAYS (93) 379 44 68
IBERIA (93) 412 56 67
JAL (93) 215 51 28
KLM (93) 379 54 58
LUFTHANSA (93) 379 37 66
SABENA (93) 478 04 86
SAS (93) 379 27 08
SWISSAIR (93) 370 09 00
TAP (93) 487 06 66
TWA (93) 379 51 12


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It is also possible to travel by bus even though it is slower. It is a means of transport which a lot of people use, above all, young people because it is usually cheaper.

There are a lot of lines which go through nearly all the rest of the country and Europe.

The most important company is called EURO LINES.


Eurolines Office Information and reservations in Figueres
Bus station. 4¬ Box office. Pl. de l'Estaciˇ s/n Tel. 34 972 506 300.

Apart from the foreign visitors there come other from the rest of Spain who use the bus as a means of transport. Nearly all the companies which offers these services are situated in Barcelona, but then to come to Alt EmpordÓ is very easy.

BUS STATION Pl. de l'Estaciˇ s/n 17600 Figueres Tel. 972 50 50 29


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To get to Alt EmpordÓ it is also possible also by rail. In the North, ther are trains which come from Europe, through Portbou across France. The main station is Figueres. A lot of trains from different destinations arrive in Figueres every day.


STATION Pl. de l'Estaciˇ s/n 17600 Figueres Tel. 972 50 46 61



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Another possibility, above all for the passengers who come from the islands is the ship. The port of Barcelona is one of the most importants ports in Spain.

This means of transport must be taken into consideration for the Mediterranean countries.

To have more information you can consult the web site of Barcelona: